• 16.05.2016 Beograd

    VideoInterview - Daniel Sewer: Serbia wants into EU as soon as the door opens

    In an interview with Novi Magazin, Daniel Sewer, one of the world most known analyst speaks about Serbia, Kosovo, the region, European Union, Siria, Russia, Turkey, refugees and the United States. More

  • 10.02.2016 Belgrade

    Interview – David McAllister: EU asks Serbia and Kosovo not to block each other

    In an interviewwith Novi magazin, David McAllister speaks to Julijana Mojsilovic about Serbia's successes and failures on its way to the EU in 2015; relations between Belgrade and Pristina; possible timetable for opening new chapters and... More

  • 09.07.2012 Belgrade

    The resurrection of JSO icons

    Somehow, it all came handy! Practically at the same time when it was announced that the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party would form the new government, the Gendarmerie promoted a new oath in which Kosovo is set as a... More

  • 26.02.2012 Belgrade

    Northern Kosovo – safe house for criminals

    About three hundred criminals from Serbia, the region, and some remote parts of Europe are hiding in Kosovo, reports Novi Magazin. More

  • 22.02.2012 Belgrade

    Djukic Dejanovic: No general local elections

    Serbian Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic Dejanovic said that she will not call general local elections and that the implementation of the decision about municipal elections in Kosovo and Metohija would be delicate, as per Resolution 1244 it... More

  • 17.02.2012 Belgrade

    The investigation reveals Zvonko Veselinovic’s network

    The investigation being conducted against Zvonko Veselinovic reveals his strong connections and the support for illegal activities he had within the local government in the north of Kosovo, primarily from the first man of Kosovska Mitrovica... More

  • 09.02.2012 Belgrade

    Six models for Kosovo

    The visit of EU mediator Robert Cooper to Serbia and Belgrade and the departure of the International Crisis Group accelerated the prospects for resolving the main dispute - regional representation of Kosovo. Novi Magazin reveals the six models for... More

  • 27.01.2012 Belgrade

    Brothers Veselinovic in prison, criminal on the loose

    The gaps created after the arrest of brothers Veselinovic are abused by smaller criminal groups. The activities in the area Leposavic were overtaken, or more precisely continued, by brothers Srdjan and Dejan Vulovic. The leaders of other clan of... More

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