• 30.01.2015 Beograd

    Interview Sandra Schulberg: Movie That Shakes the World

    Film producer Sandra Schulberg explains to Marija Sajkas the importance of the Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today documentary made by her father Stuart Schulberg, and talks about the most significant trial of the XX century, the movie's new... More

  • 01.09.2014 Beograd

    Serbian Mercenaries in Ukraine: For Religion... and Money

    While Russian media praise the participation of Serbian volunteers in fighting in eastern Ukraine, Serbian top leadership accuses them of being mercenaries and announces harsh punishment More

  • 06.12.2012 Beograd

    I don’t trust religion, I trust God

    Interview: William Paul Young More

  • 03.12.2012 Beograd

    Europe-YES! Corruption-NO!

    The conversation with the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić took place on Sunday, between the morning session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the memorial service for the victims of the wars in the area of former... More

  • 29.06.2012 Beograd

    Entrepreneurs advise politicians - savings and reforms

    Business people gathered around the Chamber made a deadly analysis of business environment with unpleasant diagnosis of the disease of Serbian economy, but also proposed not at all popular treatment that Serbian politicians have been escaping for... More

  • 29.06.2012 Beograd

    Aleksa and Daniel: one story

    "Did Aleksa have to die?" If you are shocked and felt pain in the chest looking at our front page and reading the article about the death of a boy from Nis, who was the victim of bullying for months, we have to tell you it was our goal. More

  • 21.06.2012 Beograd


    Despite, or perhaps precisely because of the ongoing political elections in several European countries, their consequences, the construction of governments and ways of salvation from the economic collapse, the football stadiums in Poland and... More

  • 21.06.2012 Beograd

    Terzic gets the office and farmers get nothing

    Have farmers, "incited" against Terzic, boycotted and ruined the "historic opportunity" for raspberries export or has Dragisa Terzic fooled the farmers so that he could grab the position of Arilje Assembly President, from which... More

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