About us

About us

Novi Magazin is a weekly publication completely different than anything else currently published in Serbia. All social topics are being covered without sensation, and important social phenomena are being recorded and published in a dynamic, interesting and comprehensible manner. Novi Magazin does not know of any labels, insults of hate speech.

The web portal of Novi Magazin is your internet section where you can quickly get informed and comfortably have fun. It is a corner where you will find the news to share with others. Serious topics are covered with ease and simplicity, but without triviality. A special attention is drawn to the texts with regional approach, because new age leads to new connections between people and nations, economies and cultures.

Novi Magazin nourishes the idea of supreme photography as an important aspect in the topic presentations. The magazine is richly illustrated and graphically attractive so in that sense is equal with some of the world's best magazines of this type. Novi Magazin is a publication for the entire family, for men and women, for the young and the old. This is the outcome of its thematic diversity and the manner in which topics are dealt with and presented.

Novi Magazin is published on Thursdays. The price is 150 RSD.


The web portal of Novi Magazin introduces this publication through a couple of selected texts. Electronic subscription to the e-magazine is available and this allows you to browse the entire magazine electronically. The web portal offers selected and relevant information at all times. By choosing one of the headlines, you can access "Our choice" link and quickly get daily dose of information and entertainment. For those who want more, there are additional columns such as: news, economy, world, sport and relaxation with news from culture, show business, science, new technologies...

The column Attitude is the editorial review about daily events, occurrences and people, as well as the sum of daily analyses and the collection of magazine's forewords.