10.02.2012 Belgrade

Who was waiting for them on the other side of the wall?

Who was waiting for them on the other side of the wall?
Massive security engaged to protect the Court and Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime and War Crimes and to control detention facilities in which some of the Balkan’s most ruthless criminals have been placed, has justified the image of a "bullet proof" building of the Special Court. In cooperation with bailiffs and security of the Administration for Execution of Criminal Sanctions, this Tuesday members of Gendarmerie successfully prevented the escape of main executors from Zemun criminal group, Srecko Kalinic and Zeljko Milovanovic, the murderers of Croatian newspaper mogul Ivica Pukanic.

"This was the most brutal attempt of prison escape, although several such attempts have been prevented before their implementation and the public was not informed of these due to security reasons," said Director of the Administration for Enforcement of Prison Sanctions Milan Obradovic. The video from security cameras that was shown to the public shows how Kalinic and Milovanovic, at about half past five in the morning, opened the cell doors and passed through the lower part of the grid that was behind these doors. While leaving the cell, the inmates calmly put on their jackets and went down the empty hall without haste.

Nail file on the toothbrush: It is interesting that the video taken in front of Kalinic’s cell shows an empty chair and a table. As Novi Magazin reveals, one guard was supposed to be present in the corridor and his responsibility was to control the night activities of detainees.

"I can not assume how long they have been sawing. Due to the failure in their work, five members of the Security Service have been suspended and there will likely be more. A disciplinary procedure will determine if they were responsible or not," - said Obradovic.

As Novi Magazin reveals, Kalinic and Milovanovic used small blades mounted on the toothbrush to saw the bars on the cell door. The outside door were not a problem for them.

At the end of the hall fugitives came across one of security guards, overpowered him and caused him minor bodily injuries. Then they tied him to his handcuffs, took his jacket, removed the epaulettes from it and put them on their sweaters so that they looked like prison guards.

After that, Kalinic and Milovanovic miraculously cut the bars of the window to the rear of the Special Court and jumped into the yard around two meters wide in that place. Between them and freedom stood only a steel wall over six feet tall, with barbed wire and cameras, so it is assumed they had intended to go left into the garages, where were the cars of the Court and Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime and War Crimes.

Warning over cameras: They break out from the cells and escape into the yard was followed through the cameras that cover every part of the Special Court and its surroundings. Two control centers in Belgrade observe the events on monitors in the building of the Special Court. Members of the Gendarmerie, who make up the outer ring of security, were immediately alarmed, as they were also located in the building. They surrounded Kalinic and Milovanovic who tried to resist, but were quickly defeated by gendarmes.

Despite Obradovic’s claims that it is impossible to escape from the yard, it's hard to imagine that two experienced criminals did not have a plan for either entering any of the offices of the Special Court, or for escaping through some of the less "defended" exits. The fugitives most likely had such a plan, which is why they used prison guards’ epaulets to "mask" themselves. The same as they couldn't have acquired the saw without the assistance from the inside, they probably relied on some more help to get out of the Special Court.

author: Djordje Odavic, Ratko Femic source: Novi magazin
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