Teodora Skrobonja: On my radar
25.09.2020 Belgrade

Teodora Skrobonja: On my radar

Teodora Skrobonja: On my radar Foto: PrntScr / You Tube
Teodora Skrobonja was born in Belgrade in 1992. She graduated at the Faculty of Economics and got her Master’s degree at the Faculty of political sciences. She speaks five languages, and is currently active as a musician – she sings and plays banjo. She is also a co-founder of the Society for sustainable future – “Koraci”.


Country and bluegrass are currently ringing on my radar – the sounds that are, unfortunately, not very widespread in our country. I was captivated by this kind of music with its energy and joy when I was a child, and after getting musical education in classical and jazz music, I unexpectedly returned to my earliest memories when I used to listen to Dolly Parton over and over again, riding in my dad’s car. While listening to the songs that made me happy in my childhood and reminded me of road trips, thanks to YouTube’s algorithm, I slid into country subgenre called bluegrass.


This is what sparked my interest in playing banjo. Although there was no one to teach me this instrument locally, the Internet enabled access to everything, including online lessons for the five-string banjo. At the moment, I am pretty satisfied with how I am progressing, and the banjo has been in my hands almost daily in the last two years. These days, I am regularly streaming live music on Facebook and Twitch, but I am thinking about playing local gigs with my dad (Goran Skrobonja, who sings and plays guitar), and maybe more people who’d like to join with some strings – if the situation with the coronavirus allows it, of course.


As a member of the organization “Koraci”, of which I am a co-founder, I have already participated with my dad in street performances in Belgrade and Novi Sad, aimed at collecting funds for children’s masks. My dream is to form a complete country and bluegrass band, and apart from performing at local festivals, pubs and humanitarian events, I intend to start making my own original songs and continue growing in that direction. I think that Serbia deserves to get its bluegrass scene and feel this immense joy that I feel when I play this music.

author: IG source: Novi magazin
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