Tadic: I will not resign
04.07.2012 Belgrade

Tadic: I will not resign

Tadic: I will not resign Photo by Zoran Ras
The president of Democratic Party Boris Tadic said today that he would not resign from this position.

"I was already asked to resign in case of victory, and now I am asked to do the same because of defeat. This is a sufficient reason not to resign," said Tadic for Novi magazin, in his first big interview after the election.

In politics you have be aware of those who would have interest in someone's resignation, he said, adding that these are primarily political opponents he has disagreed with in Serbian political field during the last year and "probably the tycoons who, for the first time in Serbian history, could not enter the open door of Serbian Presidency and the high-ranking officials.

"Certainly, there is the organized crime that has suffered a real impact in the last four years, and was formerly a part of the economic and political system, not to mention the nineties when it used to be the ground factor of politics in Serbia," he said.

But, we have to add some of the external factors as well, as those who suspended Serbia's national interests in the international arena are not too happy with the way these interests were defended, as well as the countries that could not suspend the economic sovereignty of Serbia.

"These are all reasons to not give up. However, as a democratic politician, I have to soberly and carefully analyze my own responsibility. It has to be analyzed at the institutions of the Democratic Party and the same applies to all institutions of DS, because in addition to legality the politics also requires legitimacy," Tadic said.

However, he added that his current legality, "does not concern all citizens of Serbia", but only those who supported him in the elections, the dominant DS electorate, plus those organizations that gravitate towards the policy of this party.

"This time, such legitimacy will be provided within the party. After the election, the residency and the main board of the party granted me this legitimacy, it is necessary to verify it on several more occasions, but I will not resign from the position of DS president. And it is my decision," Tadic said.

No conflicts within Democratic Party

President of the Democratic Party rejected the speculation about conflicts within the party and announced the dismissal of those who did not achieve the expected results on the elections.

"There are no conflicts within the Democratic Party, but it is certainly desired from all those who would like me to resign from politics, who would like to see a weak Democratic Party and create that image in public perception. I will have to disappoint them - that is not the case in reality, " said Tadic.

"As always, DS will have open discussions. We are having one at this time, the Executive Board (IO) has made an analysis of election results and those who did not achieve results in accordance with IO criteria will be replaced," he added.

He pointed out that DS is not running away from responsibility, but it doesn’t make calculations in politics, it deals with the state and national interests and not the party groups or personal ones: "And those in DS taking care of group and personal interests will also bear the responsibility”.

Asked about the success of the currently conducted negotiations on the government formation, he replied that it is “possible”.

"Coalitions are rarely driven by philosophical and strategic concepts of development, they are more often created from the point of immediate interest of groups that represent them," he said, adding that the interests of SNS SPS and URS are very clear.

After the end of talks between G17, or URS or SPS and Democratic Party, these groups know they are in a new political environment and that their vital interest is to form a government with Serbian Progressive Party as soon as possible and by any means.

"If this project fails, a new one will have to ensue and those parties will have smaller stakes. Serbian Progressive Party also has an interest to make such a coalition, but the question is who is going to overpower whom, will SNS have a role in the future according to their percentage of votes, or will it, just like DS, pay the price of a coalition with smaller parties that have huge demands." Tadic said.

He added that SNS has the experience of DS and knows that the price of such coalition will be paid at the next election and have self-restraint and control, "closely monitoring the requirements". "Smaller parties need to get as much power as they can, because their imperative is political survival and not a policy of strategic thinking and shaping the future of Serbia, that is only typical of large parties".

Options for different coalitions after the elections

Asked about the possibility of a grand coalition Tadic said: "Currently, actions are being taken to form a majority and a different government. However, the changed political circumstances open up the possibility of various coalitions after the new elections. These parties should be left to try to form a government because it is simply legitimate. After the next election I think the different political coalitions will be possible, because different political time will come."

Tadic expressed his confidence that the coalition SNS-SPS-URS cannot be effective and efficient. He said the first task will be "the fight for new job openings, which cannot be achieved without budget deficit reduction that requires taking painful steps," and other would be negotiation with the IMF and foreign investments.

"G17 has certain experience that should be considered in the attraction of foreign investment, but also has significant experience in creating a budget deficit. We'll see which side would prevail. And they have even more significant experience in overthrowing regimes," said Tadic and warned that unstable governments are not very favorable for foreign investments.

He added that Democratic Party must fight for stability and influence the political process.

"If this political process of negotiations on a new government fails, we will need a strong initiative, and we have already had it all this time," said DS President Boris Tadic for Novi magazin. 

author: Nadezda Gace, Jelka Jovanovic source: Novi magazin
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