Success and glory
01.02.2012 Beograd

Success and glory

Success and glory
Nothing succeeds like success - says famous English proverb which we can see these days being remarkably successful in Serbia. The successes of our athletes are indeed worthy of admiration; but it took enormous energy, long-time self-sacrificing work and high physical and mental strength to achieve them.

It is all right to celebrate these successes with fans. However, it seems that the nationwide celebrations are increasingly becoming the core that serves to manifest not so much the joy of sport success but our national power, identity and almost superiority. Of course, since the beginning, these celebrations have conveyed the need to give a little vent and satisfaction to the nation that is frustrated for so many reasons. As a result, we usually like to say: "don’t worry, be happy." But yet, the situation is escalating.

All this was not only evident in the song which was supposedly heard for the first time on this kind of event and which says: "Whoever doesn’t jump, he is not a Serb."

The question is simple: is there anyone who is Hungarian, Bosnian or "God forbid" Albanian and has the “right” to celebrate the victory of Serbia, or is that right strictly reserved and nationally defined.

Of course, the blame for this incident - if this can be considered an incident – should not be attributed to the athletes, although they started this song. They are also victims in this case, if it is not too strong a word. Especially because they all behaved extremely fair and well-mannered, and because their statements after the matches expressed high appreciation of their opponents.

Sometimes these young people, who spend hours and hours in very exhausting trainings, should be saved from themselves. For example, from statements such as: "the athletes from Serbia want victory more than others", because such statements do a great disservice to themselves. In addition, how is this measured anyway? If according to the number of medals at major competitions (World Championships, Olympic Games) then Croatia and even Slovenia have won more medals than Serbia. And what do we do now?

Finally, we should discontinue, sometimes openly and sometimes secretly, the "benefits" that out authorities enjoy from the successes of our athletes. In case there are more of these occasions, and hopefully there will be more as long as we wish for them, we should introduce a custom (not law) that, in future, these celebrations take place in front of the former Federal Assembly, the Chamber of the National Assembly today, and that athletes are welcomed by the President of the Assembly and the presidents of the parliament clubs. Why shouldn’t front-pages of newspapers be filled with images of Novak Djokovic with Riza Halimi, Istvan Pasztor and, for example, Sulejman Ugljanin?

author: Mijat Lakicevic, Deputy Editor in Chief source: Novi magazin
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