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Extremely unreliable weather conditions, fires, floods, awaken volcanoes, strange temperature this half spent summer are not at all responsible for a gloomy summer postcard. In the abundance of everything there is, it seems that there is no more room to worry about earthquakes which are constantly moving the Japanese islands. The media have stop covering it.

The tsunami and Fukushima are events from some far away, parallel world. The bombs that keep “falling” daily on Libya, sometimes destroying to the ground an entire hospital, do not manage to grab more than a short news line that can fit into this sentence. The car accidents from different continents and tens of victims are summed up into collective information… Sadly, not without a cause.

A human figure from Norway has killed tens of young and innocent for a reason known only to it.  The figure saved itself, surrendered to the police in order to save its own life. Now we will be forced to hear its explanation. And does anyone care? Probably – no one. The Norwegians, citizens of a country that has sent a huge amount of humanitarian help in the last two decades to Serbia, surely know why they are putting their generosity and tolerance in the background. The priority is the question if they were wrong by passing a law that is merciful even towards the biggest villains.   

The sad end of an endlessly great singer Amy Winehouse, a girl with tons of problems and little friends, whose tragedy could have been foreseen in Belgrade, has put the media to the fore. Drugs, alcohol, unhappy love affairs…haven’t satisfied the editorial cannibals. They crossed the line by questioning their readers on which NEWS is more important to them – the tragedy in Norway or Amy’s death? News!? Sick. Just like the realization that a Serbian media took the above mentioned question from a British one.

Someone is, clearly, not in their right mind. Even for us this summer is not going peacefully: unknown men are shooting with air guns boys playing basketball, workers and passersby, the neighbor is beating his wife and kids more and more, drunk people are driving busses and cars, the public swimming pools have become dangerous because the lifeguards are watching out for fights around the pools, criminals are shooting policemen without even blinking… And just like the Norwegians, our Prime Minister has been considering the abolition of the death penalty. It is inhumane, but no one has answered his question. Not even with saying if it is good or not that he asked it….

How to watch ourselves and stay collected in this sea of evil? Is there a better side of this gloomy summer?

Just like in the “small” values and events of life, the good and the worthy are in the “small” news. There you can find great people. Great are all those who rushed to save the children being gunned down in Norway, great are all those who have been placing flowers in front of Amy Winehouse’s home for days, who in an earthquake worry about the less resource ones, great are the policemen who honorably do their job, our students, mathematicians and physicists, best among the best, like our athletes.

Talent,tremendous effort, hard work, commitment…are not always in the fore. But are a way to take care of ourselves in bad times.

author: Vojislav Tufegdzic source: Novi magazin
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