21.06.2012 Beograd


Despite, or perhaps precisely because of the ongoing political elections in several European countries, their consequences, the construction of governments and ways of salvation from the economic collapse, the football stadiums in Poland and Ukraine are packed. It is not a consolation, but it is obvious that Serbia is not alone in the attempt to overcome the financial chaos with at least temporary amusement.

Whether you like football or not, the games on the European Championship are both good and releasing. Among other things, because the local audience is not afraid of the embarrassment that Serbian selection honored us several times in a row. As a serious state, we also save huge amount of money that Polish, Russian and Croatian hooligans would take from our pockets due to draconian UEFA penalties. This way, we simply enjoy the festival of the best skills of European football, with no unnecessary explanations of how the football we like and the football we play here are somehow different sports.

However, it is strange that some local media would disagree with many things. Just three weeks ago, immediately after the league competition in the states whose teams are now participating in the competition of the best, a strange math calculation gave the conclusion that Serbian national team, playing in clubs throughout Europe, won no less than 18 championships! Thus, 18 top titles. That’s more titles than the players in the team! I don’t know what this means, but I know that England, France, Russia, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands... all of them among the top 16, are not even close to this score. Such a calculation would mean that our players are so superior that the participation in Poland and Ukraine championship would be below their level. With a footnote that wealthy Europe cannot wait the completion of this competition so that it could rush to Serbia to buy our players.

In our immediate neighborhood, Euro 2012. was shaded with a quite appropriate event; two Romanian clubs competed for a place in the senior rank of the competition, expecting to go unnoticed while everyone was following the championship. The first team defeated the opponents with 34, and the second with 36-goal difference! Romanian football alliance was forced to punish them, giving a third team the opportunity to compete for a better league status. The match was ended with the odd 7-7. The neighbors don’t know what to do, but are aware that due to the European view of Serbia they will just be watching football games for a long time.

I believe that careful viewers also follow the singing of hymns. Football players do not stand out. Perhaps only Italians, because their singing, along with rigging the results, is far better than kicking the ball. Spaniards, the biggest favorites, are all silent. Perhaps because their national hymn has no lyrics. But it's not an excuse. Serbian coach would quickly change that.

Europe is happy for a good reason. And most of us with them because there is a hope - UEFA has decided that the next round of the championships will expand the number of participants from 16 to 24 teams. Of course, quality will be lost, but we understand and support the decision - with 24 ministries Serbia would constitute the government. Quality always comes first.

author: Vojislav Tufegdžić source: Novi magazin
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