Pajtic: DS achieved the triumph in Vojvodina
18.06.2012 Beograd

Pajtic: DS achieved the triumph in Vojvodina

Pajtic: DS achieved the triumph in Vojvodina
The election result that Democratic Party achieved in Vojvodina is a real triumph, but, at the same, it was the project assignment of the provincial government and provincial organization of DS, said Deputy Prime Minister and DS Vise President Bojan Pajtic.


"Practically, this is the third consecutive mandate of the provincial government which I preside, and since we are in times of global recession and an extremely difficult economic situation which affected most of the administrations in the world and replaced them by new political structures, this result is indeed a kind of triumph,” said Pajtic in an interview with Novi magazin.

Eight years of work without scandals and affairs, establishment of successful programs for employment and attracting foreign investments and the level of human and minority rights raised above the level dictated by international European standards, have led democrats in Vojvodina to this victory, he said.

"We managed to start the investment cycle which has not been seen in the last thirty years in Vojvodina and it seems to me that the symbiosis of all these results led to the absolute majority. In the last session we had the absolute majority in the coalition and now we achieved this on our own, without the G17 and SPO.

I can say that I am extremely pleased, but I defined this result as a project assignment for the provincial government and the provincial organization of DS," said Pajtic.

Commenting on the landslide victory of DS presidential candidate in Vojvodina, Pajtic said that "it is not true that Tadic's advantage was based on the votes of minorities" and that the president triumphed in areas where the population is almost one hundred percent of Serbian nationality, and where the number of refugees is measured by two-digit number of percent.

"I think the people of Vojvodina identified Serbia's European future with Tadic's victory in presidential elections," he added.

Answering the question of what he would have done if he hadn’t fulfilled his project assignment, Pajtic said that he would have thought of what to do in the future: "As soon as the campaign started, I set the maximum goal and almost no one believed it was achievable. We reached that goal, and if we had failed, I would have thought twice about who could lead this team, who could achieve a better result even in the worst conditions."

No clans within DS

According to Pajtic’s words, DS will analyze the causes of for poor election results on the national level and he dismissed the speculation about the existence of clans within DS.

"There’s no word about any clans. However, the analysis will answer the question which local organization had failed to do their part and did not provide their maximum on May 20th in order for Tadic to win the presidential elections," he said, adding that the analyses will be left for the time when we are in position to afford them, and that "our current national interest is to form the government as soon as possible and to make it as stable as we can."

Pajtic expressed his belief that only DS has the capacity to form a majority in Serbian Parliament and that "the formation of the government led by Boris Tadic would substantially diminish the impression of the presidential election outcome": "It is a prerequisite for improving the image of the country and all that comes along with it."

No cooperation with SNS, SRS and DSS

Pajtic dismissed the possibility of cooperation with SNS DS, SRS and DSS: "It is a constant at the national level and these differences are more noticeable in Vojvodina than in other parts of Serbia... There are lots of differences between what we believe we did in the past and what they believe and what they actually did, and I do not think that they can be overcome."

According to his words, good relations between Serbs and Hungarians are of great importance to Vojvodina and Serbia: "Ultimately, the participation of SVM in the political system sends the message that we are a society that integrates its various communities throughout the institution."

The issue of permanency and the stability of province funding can only be sold after the post-constitutional establishment of Vojvodina autonomy, said the provincial premier.

"The Constitution provides a clear framework and it is important that this framework defines mechanisms that provide funding consistent with our highest legal act, to define the budgetary resources and the revenues that will spare us from future tensions," he said and stressed that it is not good that every budget adoption and revision is followed by a debate about funding of Vojvodina.

"Just like any decentralization, the autonomy of Vojvodina makes sense only if it serves the purpose and has a developing character, if it is followed by cheaper administration and solves everyone’s problems more efficiently. And this is something that all of those who do not understand it now will have to get used to "said Bojan Pajtic.

Answering the question of whether the constitution should be changed, Pajtic said for Novi magazin that he does not see the political will and political consensus in the need to change the highest act.

author: Jelka Jovanović i Nadeza Gace source: Novi magazin
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