• The resurrection of JSO icons 09.07.2012 Belgrade

    The resurrection of JSO icons

    Somehow, it all came handy! Practically at the same time when it was announced that the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party would form the new government, the Gendarmerie promoted a new oath in which Kosovo is set as a condition of survival of Serbs and Serbia. More

  • Tadic: I will not resign 04.07.2012 Belgrade

    Tadic: I will not resign

    The president of Democratic Party Boris Tadic said today that he would not resign from this position. More

  • Entrepreneurs advise politicians - savings and reforms 29.06.2012 Beograd

    Entrepreneurs advise politicians - savings and reforms

    Business people gathered around the Chamber made a deadly analysis of business environment with unpleasant diagnosis of the disease of Serbian economy, but also proposed not at all popular treatment that Serbian politicians have been escaping for ten years. Although it has no form of dictate, the proposal of Serbian Chamber of Commerce resembles an entrepreneurial ultimatum to politicians in terms of what they must do in the short (and long) term so that Serbia would not fall into even greater economic crisis. Apart from the Chamber, economists and entrepreneurs have spoken about the same topic. More

  • 29.06.2012 Niš

    The anatomy of Aleksa Jankovic’s case

    The Misdemeanor Court in Nis has given the maximum fine to the school and its former director for failing to prevent bullying of a student Aleksa Jankovic. It is uncertain whether the death of this schoolboy from Nis will cost someone a job or function More

  • 29.06.2012 Beograd

    Aleksa and Daniel: one story

    "Did Aleksa have to die?" If you are shocked and felt pain in the chest looking at our front page and reading the article about the death of a boy from Nis, who was the victim of bullying for months, we have to tell you it was our goal. More

  • The constructor who gets all the jobs in eastern Serbia 22.06.2012 Belgrade

    The constructor who gets all the jobs in eastern Serbia

    Why have public procurements become self-sufficient and does anyone listen to what economy is asking for? What is planned by the reforms initiated in the EU and will there be any changes in Serbia? The companies unable to obtain or do their jobs are slowing down and diminishing the value of public procurements More

  • The last hole on the flute... Or why it’s good that Catherine doesn’t know who Toma is 22.06.2012 Belgrade

    The last hole on the flute... Or why it’s good that Catherine doesn’t know who Toma is

    Serbia and the Balkan countries in general are accustomed to be center of attention in recent decades and find it difficult to reconcile with the fact that they are no longer positioned so high on the agenda of world politics. Milorad Ivanovic’s interlocutors were more direct - Serbia is currently at the bottom of the priorities list. The region's leaders have to realize that the world is now preoccupied with other problems - which can actually be very beneficial for the improvement and normalization of the situation in the region More

  • Quality 21.06.2012 Beograd


    Despite, or perhaps precisely because of the ongoing political elections in several European countries, their consequences, the construction of governments and ways of salvation from the economic collapse, the football stadiums in Poland and Ukraine are packed. It is not a consolation, but it is obvious that Serbia is not alone in the attempt to overcome the financial chaos with at least temporary amusement. More

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