• The public companies are robbing the citizens 09.06.2011 Novi magazin 6

    The public companies are robbing the citizens

    Instead of selling them when there were interested buyers and putting the cash into its pockets, the government “stuck” a price to them and kept the ownership in the public companies and now it has to cover millions (of euros) in loses and give back their loans; Misa Brkic investigated whether there was there a better solution for Galenika, Jat and Belgrade Fair from the current More

  • Our little Hitlers 09.06.2011 Novi magazin 6

    Our little Hitlers

    Neo-Nazi and clero-fascistic organizations are working in Serbia without any disturbance, praising Hitler, war crimes and persecuting the minorities. Đorđe Odavic investigated just how is it possible that the National order, which was banned last week, is continuing to act as an association of citizens, and the Serbian National Movement “Ours 1389” is going into politics. More

  • The Roma rhythm of the Balkans 02.06.2011 Novi magazin 5

    The Roma rhythm of the Balkans

    Combining hip-hop, dance and pop with the traditional Roma music, a group of young Romas, in cooperation with worldly renowned names from the fields of directing, lighting, choreography and music, created a unique musical Gipsy Roma Balkan Beats - GRUBB. Anka Milosevic spoke with the participants of this spectacle, which is trying to break the prejudices on Romas. More

  • Every third man isn’t the biological father of his child 02.06.2011 Novi magazin 5

    Every third man isn’t the biological father of his child

    Suspicious men, wanting to resolve a dilemma whether the children they are raising are theirs or not, subject themselves to the DNA paternity test. Even the women are asking the men to get tested, but mostly when the “dad” is trying to avoid paying alimony and do not want to acknowledge to being the child’s father. Mirjana Pantic discovers just how reliable is the paternity determination with the DNA analysis and why an increasing number of people are deciding to do it. More

  • Panic at the banks 02.06.2011 Novi magazin 5

    Panic at the banks

    Five business banks gave loans worth 140 million euros to the Nibens group and now she has problems returning them; A pat of the creditor-banks wants to sell the entire Group, and some are advocating individual sales; Misa Brkic investigated how banks credited certain clients taking from them unsecure collaterals. More

  • Painted birds 02.06.2011 Novi magazin 5

    Painted birds

    I strongly believe that the New Magazine is a part of that vitality that will not moan but roll up its sleeves and find people, young by years or spirit, defiant and willing to show that Serbia is not only a refuge for false prophets, self-proclaimed heroes and hooligans. It is a difficult, but not an impossible task – we already introduced the ones who do not accept mediocrity, and that is how the ones that are different live in Serbia. More

  • Kabul is not for those with weak nerves 26.05.2011 Novi magazin 4

    Kabul is not for those with weak nerves

    The arrival to the airport of the capital of Afghanistan is a little bit of a paradox: the passengers are welcomed with a huge sign “Welcome to the land of the brave”. Drago Kos notices that he hasn’t seen that many bunkers, hurdles, barb wire and machine guns even in war movies he saw – and that is not a small number. More

  • Serbia is a medicine testing range 26.05.2011 Novi magazin 4

    Serbia is a medicine testing range

    Medical testing on humans, thanks to movies on experiments on “two legged guinea pigs”, but also death cases in real life practice, has become an inspiration for many conspiracy theories. These tests are also being done in Serbia, because without the clinical testing of drugs there is no progress in the field of medicine. Vanesa Marceta i Ratko Femic investigated why are the foreign pharmaceutical companies showing an increasing interest for Serbia. More

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