• Soskic: The inflation will be zero percent on the fall 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    Soskic: The inflation will be zero percent on the fall

    The governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Dejan Soskic in an interview with the Novi magazin expressed his expectations that on the fall the inflation will be zero percent, just like the possible deflation. More

  • The Hadzic enigma 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    The Hadzic enigma

    The highest government ranks lead by president Tadic claimed for the last few weeks that Goran Hadzic will soon be captured; Jelka Jovanovic writes about what he is being charged for and hoe he got away. More

  • Train for Grosnia 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    Train for Grosnia

    Imagine you were travelling for a week on a train from Lisbon to Moscow. You can have three more people in your compartment. More

  • They want property, not money 07.07.2011 Novi magazin 10

    They want property, not money

    Untangling the restitution ball of yarn, Jelena Aleksic and Mijat Lakicevic came upon a paradox: the government is complaining that it cannot start the process of returning the taken property because it cannot secure more than three billion Euros. The seekers of the property claim that they don’t need that big of an amount More

  • Pictures over Serbia 07.07.2011 Novi magazin 10

    Pictures over Serbia

    The scan fact about Serbia would be made of numerous images. In the last couple fo years Serbia has been covered with different pictures: wonderful, moderate, sad, ugly. If we imagine the scan of facts about Serbia which we appreciate a lot in Novi magazin, we could identify it with a big mirror aver Serbia. More

  • How we made Novak a champion 07.07.2011 Novi magazin 10

    How we made Novak a champion

    In an honest conversation with Mirjana Prljevic, the mother and father of the world champion says that the secret of the success if entirely the love, unity and harmony, which the family has been nurturing from day one. “One for all, all for one”. More

  • Why the food in Serbia cannot be cheaper 07.07.2011 Novi magazin 10

    Why the food in Serbia cannot be cheaper

    The cheapest loans of five million dinars for three years have been made possible for registered agricultural farms but also to small entrepreneurs, with an interest rate of eight percent, says minister Dusan Petrovic in an interview for the Novi magazin. More

  • How much does a diploma in Serbia cost 30.06.2011 Novi magazin 9

    How much does a diploma in Serbia cost

    The education of an average student in Serbia cost around 30.000 euros; so carefully choose your college so you wouldn’t end up like thousands of others as an unnecessary highly qualified profession, warns Jelena Aleksic. More

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