• Serbian diplomacy between profession and amateurism 24.10.2011 Belgrade

    Serbian diplomacy between profession and amateurism

    Andric, Rakic, Ducic and Crnjanski were all diplomats, but it’s never mentioned how they all started as a clerk in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then progressed to the Secretary, Press attaché, consul, charge d'affaires, and one of them even became an ambassador in his late years… They were all professional diplomats and writing was just a hobby. More

  • Wandering between four walls 24.10.2011 Belgrade

    Wandering between four walls

    If Serbia has indeed defined European Union as its strategic priority, as it insists on claiming, then it has to start adopting its foreign politics to EU even before becoming the member country. The aims had to be clear and lead to graduate integration into the Union’s politics towards Russia and China. More

  • We still haven’t heard what the authorities consider as truly possible 24.10.2011 Belgrade

    We still haven’t heard what the authorities consider as truly possible

    Precious time has been lost by using Kosovo as a tool of internal politics instead of a political method which could lead to a progress. The interview with Predrag Simic More

  • Serbia – the country in a draft 24.10.2011 Belgrade

    Serbia – the country in a draft

    More energy and national resources have been used for the pursuit of the 'traitors to the national interests' and the campaign against them, than for the true attempts to define and adopt an executive strategy to overcome the crisis. More

  • KFOR attacked by a Serbian smuggler's group 07.10.2011 Novi magazin 23

    KFOR attacked by a Serbian smuggler's group

    The perception of Serbs as armless people was reversed by the image of numerous KFOR soldiers and Serbian protesters injured in conflicts nearby Jarinje, which was given by the Serbian intelligence service to the Parliament's Security Committee. More

  • Trust 07.10.2011 Novi magazin 23


    It was June 2007. I was coming back from a business trip to the United States with a group of my colleagues and was waiting in New York for my flight to Zurich. At the end of a long security check line I have noticed an elderly lady who was standing with her son and was apparently scared. She was speaking Serbian and I decided to offer her help, for no particular reason. More

  • Politicans’ dangerous homophobic statements 30.09.2011 Belgrade

    Politicans’ dangerous homophobic statements

    It should not elude us that Pride Parade does not exist for the sake of expressing sexual orientations and a certain life style, as it is wrongfully interpreted quite often, but to publicly point out a widely spread discrimination of LGBT population and to promote human rights and liberties. More

  • Political fakery 30.09.2011 Belgrade

    Political fakery

    Governed by their party interests and a wish to coax voters, the majority of politicians overlook the human rights of minorities, in spite of their obligation to implement the law. More

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