Nole has it easy
12.05.2011 Belgrade

Nole has it easy

Nole has it easy
The real, the biggest victory of Novak Djokovic at the recent tournament in Madrid – which put (again) the entire nation in a trance - wasn’t the one in the finals against Nadal, but the one in the semi-finals, against a relatively unknown Argentinean called Bellucci.

Because, the Serbian tennis player was practically crushed in that match. But he never gave up. First he managed to persuade himself not to give up and that he can win, and then he transmitted this persuasion to his opponent. He simple mentally crushed Bellucci.

When he achieved that, it wasn’t difficult to preserve the presence of spirit and then, so to speak, routinely triumph, after a lead of 4:0 in gems against Nadal and his deuces – when most would give up and when even Djokovic just a year ago would give up himself.

So, we admire Novak and we love to watch him. But only to watch. Well, that’s not true. Not in Serbia or anywhere else. Not even in its most secluded parts. In the last edition of Novi magazin, in the article on the working class, a worker-stake holder from Pirot said: “I feel like Djokovic”. This means like a winner.

So, there are a lot of Novaks in Serbia; people who are ready to fight for their prosperity and the prosperity of their family with their on blood, sweat and tears. We just need to let them grow and evolve. It goes without saying that not all of them will get as high as Djokovic has, but they don’t want to. By default they know their limits.

But no, the government doesn’t allow them to do so; they treat them as handicapped, or with people with special needs. It keeps offering and promising them some kind of a protection, coddling and lulling them and giving them subsidies and mostly doing everything to keep them down, if not at a kindergarten level than at puberty at least. So that is how our nation is acting: adolescent,capricious, disoriented and immature. Especially the elite, political and business.

What is worse, that entire system of privileges isn’t at the expense of the rich but at ordinary people, at which expense, allegedly, the entire protection is undertaken. In that way the government not only destroys their financial base, but also inhibits their mental abilities. It disables them, in every way, to evolve and show their potentials.

Nole has it easy; he is competing in the world.





author: Mijat lakićević, deputy editor in chief source: Novi magazin
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