Nobody gets out of prison better
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Nobody gets out of prison better

Nobody gets out of prison better
Many people in Serbia heard about alternative punishments the day it was announced that Svetlana Raznatovic is getting an electronic bracelet for her leg.

For most citizens prison is the only reasonable place for convicts, no matter what their crime and punichment is. Except when they find themselves in prison or go to visit someone dear, they do not even think about that going to prison means stepping into the vicious circle of crime.

Following the examples from the world, two years ago Serbia introduced alternative punishments, house arrest and community service.

AN ORDINARY DAY IN PRISON: An ordinary day in prison startsat 6 in the morning with the wakeup call for all the prisoners in Serbia. After that comes the making of beds and breakfast. A convict has the right to take two walks and a group activity. He can use the courts and the equipment that every prison has. The prisoners in Zabela even have an Olympic swimming pool.

They can, but do not have to, go to their prison job. Lunch is usually around 1pm, and bedtime at 10pm. Every prisoner has the right for medical care and expressing his religious beliefs, and the food that is served has to have at least 12,500 joules in calories.

Their contact with the outside world is limited. Those who are in an open type prison have visitation right once a week, and for those in prisons of a semi-closed type get visits twice a week. Convicts in closed and special units can have visits only once a month.

CELL PHONES AND OTHER FORBIDEN GOODS:Because of the limited contact with the outside world a cell phone in prison means – freedom. During routine room and toilet inspections this device was found in the most surprising places. One was found behind the soup holder next to the shower.

The convicts drill holes in the wall in order to hide the phones or the put them in bed boards or tables. Still, the main question is how a phone gets to the prisoner when it is a forbidden item.

“You can get everything in prison, just like in the outside world, but only at a higher price”, is the parole that even the people working at the Institution for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions.

In regular inspections a couple of these devices get found. One of the ways if the phone in sneakers or shoes. The visitor buys the same pair of shoes that the prisoner has.

During the visit they exchange shoes. Just how important is this device shows the example of a convict who tried to smuggle in a phone in his anus when he came to start his prison sentence.


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