Inauguration as the first test
07.06.2012 Beograd

Inauguration as the first test

Inauguration as the first test
Nikolic's statement is untrue and offensive for Bosniacs, especially for all for the survivors of genocide in Srebrenica. This concise, first public warning to the new Serbian president was sent by the Chairman of the BIH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, after Nikolic's statement to Montenegrin TV that there was no court ruling about a genocide being committed in Srebrenica.

The pro-radical views of the new president also irritated Brussels, so EU headquarters quite quickly and sharply informed him that the International Court of Justice in the Hague and the Hague tribunal established that genocide in Srebrenica had been committed.

Srebrenica "gaffe", together with the Vukovar story, significantly increased the scrutiny with which the international community will continue to observe not only Nikolic and but also Serbian reaction to the intensification of relations in the region. To remind, the elected president has not even undertaken his function yet, but he already made known that Vukovar is (used to be) a Serbian city. Perhaps that is an excuse for the thorough demolition and cleaning of Vukovar from the Croats of the nineties. And JNA private Tomislav Nikolic could have made sure of that in Antina with his own eyes.

Just as he managed to clean up his name and launched a handy phrase that he is only responsible for what he says as president, and not for his old words, he challenged the genocide and again unleashed his "moderate radical" who irritates the already confused region and confuses the already irritated people. The extent of these actions will be seen on Monday June 11th at the inauguration, which he apparently announced very hastily, pompously inviting the presidents of Croatia and Bosnia.

Should we emphasize that Nikolic was not covered with the shadow of Vukovar and Srebrenica because the execution victims and their descendants sought revenge? No, although they have every right to do so. The truth is that even after three years of efforts to transform himself into an European and a pacifist, whose great Serbian border Karlobag - Ogulin - Virovitica - Karlovac is only an unpleasant episode from the past, Nikolic is still unable to move away from it. Just like he cannot move away from the voters who supported him while he was Seselj's right hand, and still support him today, not because of the past, but for the present.

For Nikolic, Vukovar and Srebrenica were not mistakes - although he promised to resign the title of SNS president, Nikolic just repeated what his party colleague and candidate for Prime Minister position Jorgovanka Tabakovic said in the campaign. The International Court of Justice in The Hague was not sufficiently persuasive institution for her, so why would it be for her ideological friend? His fury towards the Hague tribunal is not surprising, since only few years before his move to the new presidential office, Nikolic organized demonstrations against the arrest of Radovan Karadzic which resulted in numerous victims, beaten journalists and destruction of Belgrade.

By splitting the radicals into natives and progressives, and taking most of their supporters, Nikolic has become the most popular politician in Serbia. The recent disappearance of SRS from the political map left the space that needs to be won now or some new national movements, disappointed in Nikolic’s lack of patriotism, will use the opportunity while SNS is trying to take over the Serbian government and win that space themselves. And is there a better way to demonstrate patriotism than war memories and the humiliation of victims?

author: Jelka Jovanović source: Novi magazin
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