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Our New Magazine could be called differently, more sonorously, more threatening. EITHER – OR…, OR. Why OR – OR? The answer is simple – EITHER we will start topics that are less talked, written and known about, fight for the new age against mythomany, prejudice, discrimination, lies, politics of imputation lead by cheap everyday needs and perfidy instead of state goals, OR we won’t be published at all.

To be published basically means to follow and face life. Life really is hard and average and difficult and unpredictable…But, it can be beautiful, happy, but before else it is very short for all of us. And only we, the people, can conscientiously talk about it. That is a privilege of life in which we believe in, because life itself is a privilege.

We all felt how hard it is to live in Serbia today and faced reality that at times seemed hopeless – but we will not run away from it because it is impossible to do so. But, just like everybody else, we know that there is also a lot of good, so we will follow the footsteps of what is right and bring it up to the surface. Believe us when we say – we are your seekers.

We are aware that you may not always like our approach, so we are open to your, comments, critics and suggestions. But while respecting your opinion we are obliged to respect our profession.

We can promise you, with full confidence, that what we write about will be true, professional and responsible and that it will always come from safe and clearly recognizable sources. For that we need our but also yours readiness for perspicacity, which is often underrated and sidelined.

Because, really, there would be to many ambiguities if the truth didn’t have visible, strong, and recognizable sources.



author: Nadežda Gaće, editor in chief source: Novi Magazin
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