Away from the mud
22.12.2011 Belgrade

Away from the mud

Away from the mud
It is agonizing to read so often who was more or less informed that assassination of Zoran Djindjic was being prepared. Three or four times a year "new evidence" about the crime appear in waves. If any of these had proved to be true at least once since 2003, we would not be dealing with this issue any longer. The issue that court put an end to, as far as its job is concerned.

It is certain that assassination of Djindjic was organized and committed by those convicted for the crime who were so naive to believe that one day they will be glorified in public, and sloppy enough to leave traces as personal fingerprint on the crime. There are no disputed circumstances in this fact. There have been attempts to invent some. And there still are.

It is certain that most of the other circumstances regarding the assassination are not known. For example, the extent of the political background of the crime. Many still judge this background only by personal reflection, even though the prosecution had opened an investigation about the involvement of politics and politicians in the crime, about the rebellion and motives of Serbian Special Operation Unit, about those who supported them unconditionally and others who incited them, about the hidden letters and confidential conversations, questionable meetings between the representatives of important institutions and criminals... There is still no solid foundation in any of the evidence, at least not the ones sufficient for a new trial. But there are many personal insults between Djindjic's former close associates in Serbian Government who became angry opponents on all issues. The lawsuit that mother and sister of late Prime Minister filed against the Velimir Ilic and Nebojsa Covic has served mostly to inflame this hostility. All this was accompanied with the rejection of responsibilities for any preceding act and assessment. Or to simply quote Marquez - Chronicle of a death foretold.

Especially irrational were the expectations that the arrest of criminals Sretko Kalinic and Milos Simovic will reveal the political background of the assassination! The media and their counterparts, politicians and "situation experts", struggled for months to present these repeated offenders as the key element in reaching the truth. The same offenders who are currently in court accusing each other of sexual intercourse, silicon implantation, cutting people ... These are crown witnesses? Everyone disregarded the appeals to deprive these criminals of the attention they do not deserve, as it is disrespect for the assassinated Prime Minister!

It is certain that the safety of Zoran Djindjic was often in charge of people who could not protect him. For example, the experienced police officers ad later the leaders of the "Operation Sabre" whose warnings about the treats to Prime Minister’s safety were left unheard. Although the state's obligation was to hear this.

It is certain that Djindjic had bitter political opponents. He did not run away from them. It is certain that while some people had expectations from Djindjic, the others had demands. Citizens wanted secured future, individuals wanted privileges. It is also certain that many people were left empty-handed. Perhaps the background of this assassination was not investigated enough and in the right direction. As long as the investigation is dealing with the successors of criminals like Bagzi, Simovic and Kalinic, and former comrades get insulted, we will not be able to see anything else but this mud.

author: Vojislav Tufegdzic source: Novi magazin
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