About trust
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About trust

About trust
Everthing is in trust. That was the slogan of the National Bank of Serbia when Mladjan Dinkic was managing it. He was maybe the best example of just how easy trust is lost. But the leader of URS is not the subject of this text.

Lately the economy conferences look like psycho-sessions. There is less talk in the economic, and more in psychological categories. Mostly about trust.

To say it in the simplest possible way: in order to make some big changes, the ones that are needed in Serbia, the government has to convince the citizens, the people, that that is a good thing and has to gain their trust.

To gain legitimacy for the politics it intends to lead. Only then and in that way will it be able to be successful; otherwise the first time it comes upon difficulties the citizens will overthrow that kind of politics, even it is the best.

The old saying goes: you can deceive some people some time, some people you can deceive all the time, but you cannot deceive all the people all the time. The government in Serbia is just now facing that fact. It has lost the trust of the citizens which don’t believe it even when it is doing good things. Though, at this time, it is difficult to remember what exactly is the government doing well, but, anyhow, there is no doubt that all the public opinion polls show that its rating, or the trust that the citizens have in her abilities is (unstoppably ?!) falling. And they wouldn’t believe her even if she started doing a better job.

What is worse, the government is not even trying. It doesn’t have great ideas. It doesn’t have anything that would wake and shake people up, and convince them that the government (though it that way this also goes for the opposition, but the opposition is not the subject here) has a plan and a program and that it will strive towards it with strength and determination. There is no big, strategic goal.

Europe was that big idea, but it has been profaned, devalued and reduced to a marketing slogan. People think it used more as an excuse than a goal. It has become a kind of a utopia, a promised land, an Eldorado… And people have almost lost hope that they will ever get there. And not because Europe is far away, but because we started the trip, but we keep stopping, sidetracking to pick flowers and take a nap…

To conclude: trust is valuable for everyone. That was, let’s say it again, the slogan of another bank – Commercial. Though we haven’t seen it lately. And that says a lot about how serious institutions, which do business at the market, carefully manipulate the trust and try not to lose it.



author: Mijat Lakicevic source: Novi magazin
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