About surpluses and meaning
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About surpluses and meaning

About surpluses and meaning
One of the gloomiest interpretations of Warhol’s note how in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes is the one that it is, actually, a dark prophecy.

The prophecy came true in reality shows, YouTube, social networks, and media which are giving us silver wrappings of nothingness. We live in an age for which they claim is an era of information and that those information and speed they are delivered in are the key to success and fortune.

The problem is that the line between the meaningful, useful information that represents the news, bring knowledge and the empty shell whose only aim is to hypnotize, deceive us and put us asleep has been erased. 

Electronic media are flooding us with news on the hour, every hour. In the summer you get the latest news “It is hot outside” in the crawler, and in winter time, surprisingly, “it is cold”.

Undeveloped ideas which pop into the minds of politicians become the subject of media debates; it is wrangled upon statements that something will not happen or announcements that something will not be talked about in the near future.

The key words are spinning and spamming. A well-known formula: excess of information = shortage of meaning. A virtual reality has been created which is being kept alive in the virtual news.

We don’t know what effect on our lives will have the newly adopted legislation, but we do know what the legislators who passed it think about football.

In such an environment we started Novi magazin and an internet portal www.novimagazin.rs. There we will not shower you with hundreds of stories or quasi information. Do you really want to know all that and do you really have the time to read it?

Instead of collected, we will give you selected works – we will try to select only what is truly important for you, try to find something that will relax you, try to remind you about something you forgot, in an unpretentious attempt to be the media which tries to inform, entertain and educate. 

Maybe we will not see eye to eye on every story when it comes to taste; and we do not plead, with numerous sources that muddy and clear the vastness of the Internet, to immediately be your only source, but I am certain that we understand each other and that you will visit our website regularly.

Because, just like our magazine, our readers are also different.

author: Zlatko Minic, editor source: Novi magazin
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